Zombie Resurrection’s Undead Wall of Love

Welcome to our Undead Wall of Love, where we salute the gracious and the awesome who contributed to the post production fund for Zombie Resurrection. We cannot thank the people on this list enough for their generous contributions, each and everyone of them has helped keep the flames of independent film making burning bright by supporting us.

A Massive Charmed Apocalypse Thank You To…

Adam Boulton
Alex Sanderson
Andy Armstrong
Andy Bright
Ben Elrington
Catherine Hawkins
Charlie Sanderson
Chris Bayley
Chris Gatland
Chris Littleton
Christopher Hartnett
Claire Coles
Claire Lincoln
Daren Howell
Dave Cox
Dave Peiris
Dave Perryman
David Ramble
Deborah Johnson
Gary Smith
Henry Walmsley
Hetty Smith
Isabel Plant
James Taylor
Jason Porter
Joakim Christoffersson
Joe Wilson
John Hawkins
John McHugh
Justin Fackrell
Linda Fraser
Lindsey Sharp
Lucilla Phelps
Mark Lawrence
Marty Johnson
Natalie Smith
Niven Brown
Randip Dhesi
Rebecca De Young
Richard Hart
Ross McNeil
Sam Elrington
Sam Fenton-Elstone
Stephen Glennon
Steve Tee
Tom Smith